Organizational Silence

Organizational silence is a huge problem, and I feel like most corporations don’t even realize the problem is occurring. They have created a culture when the employees feel intimidated to go to upper level management with their concerns; instead, they keep their troubles bottled up inside until they can no longer take it. They fear that they will be in trouble, or even lose their jobs if they confront management with what is being done wrong. When employees are scared to bring up issues bothering them, it causes even more problems for the company in the long run because they will never be able to address the things that are causing problems. If management sets up an atmosphere that encourages openness and communication everyone will be happier in the workplace and will ultimately make for a more successful corporation.

In class we have learned how to be a “noisy complainer”, and that it isn’t always a bad thing to complain because it allows for improvement. When companies encourage their employees to be noisy complainers they are setting up a corporate culture where everyone feels comfortable to discuss their feelings openly and address any concerns they have. If upper management demonstrates that they want to hear concerns of their employees and will actively listen, it will open doors to communication they never knew of. I know sometimes I feel like I don’t want to voice my concerns because I don’t want other people to be mad or think I am causing problems; I would rather hold it inside and be upset, then make others mad at me. At the company I currently work at my manager had not only told me that she wants to hear my concerns and opinions, but she also demonstrates it, which is so important. It all starts with upper management and then employees need to have enough courage to stand up and let people know what is on their mind.

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