ACT Change

Change is a very difficult subject, something many people aren’t comfortable with and will do anything to avoid. So in a corporation how does upper level management initiate changes so everyone can be successful? A majority of the time companies fail when they introduce change, so there are necessary steps that can be taken to make employees more comfortable with the needed changes. People would rather stick in their comfort zone and continue doing the things they know they can do. As humans we have habits and tend to stick with those habits even when other opportunities arise for them to change their ways. It starts by looking at an individual’s core habits and determining how to change them. Then it is important for management to demonstrate their willingness to change as well, so employees feel like they have support.

The Advanced Change Theory is a complex theory that is based off of several underlying principles, six of which I will address. The first principle is unselfish change. Individuals must be willing to put personal interests aside in order to do what is best for the entire company. This is very difficult to ask of someone, because we tend to look out what is best for ourselves especially when we fear the unknown of our actions. Secondly, we need to get rid of any hypocrisy so everyone views what we are doing as a fair change. If upper level management is going through the same changes as the rest of the company, employees will be more willing to try the change. Third, we have to determine our values and then align our behaviors with those values. If we can adjust our behavior to act according to our values we will be on the right track for success. Fourth, free yourself from external restrictions so you can really improve. Focus only on the changes that need to be made and nothing else around you, that way there are no excuses and all of your efforts and attention can be directed at change. Fifth, it is important to inspire others to be their best. This can be done by making changes yourself so everyone around you sees that you are also trying to change for the overall good. Lastly, and most importantly in my mind, model behavior to your followers. If leaders change themselves and the system they are working in, others will follow the lead on take on the same behaviors as their leaders.

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