Men’s Warehouse Case Study

What stood out the most to me when reading The Men’s Warehouse case study was the way they treat their employees. Management understands that the way they treat their employees will most likely end up being the way the employees treat customers. They convince their employees that their company is great, which allows the employees to demonstrate this same beliefs to the customers. This is a great example of servant leadership, and is one of the main reasons why Men’s Warehouse has such a low turnover rate; employees want to be there and want to work hard because management has displayed these same attitudes to them. This makes for a great corporate culture, even in the tough industry they exist in.

CEO George Zimmerman takes it upon himself to show employees how much he cares; he doesn’t think he is above the line employees and he shows up and helps them in their daily activities. This portrays an amazing picture to the rest of the upper level executives and to the employees themselves because they see they see the commitment he has to the company and they are more likely to act this way towards customers. This plays nicely into their plan that “once a customer comes into the store it is their goal to keep them coming back.” They also do a great job of being a commission-based but reinforcing the importance of teamwork between all of the employees. It’s very hard to convince employees to work together when they are trying to outsell others so they can make more money.

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