Treadway Tire Company Case Study

Treadway Tire Company’s Lima plant has been experiencing low productivity and extremely low morale from their employees. In the year 2007 they had a turnover rate of nearly 50% with their line foremen. There were many factors causing the dissatisfaction of the foremen, including their lack of authority, unreachable expectations, the small amount of training they received (of which was informal) and the fact they had little opportunity for advancement in the company. Their exit surveys showed their dissatisfaction in multiple areas and it was left up to Ashley Wall, the Director of Human Resources, to analyze the situation and find a solution to the problem. She had a vision of the Lima plant reaching the top of the industry, but they would only be able to accomplish this goal if they take care of the internal problems.

One major problem I see with the structure of the company is the twelve hour shifts the employees are expected to work. They are already stressed with the other working conditions they are being faced with, and being scheduled long hours with little break time doesn’t seem to be helping. The hourly employees know they will be stuck in their position since there isn’t much room for anyone in the company to grow. This is also something I would address with the employees. If an internal candidate is qualified for a higher position it would be best to move them up because it shows them company loyalty and gives them more job satisfaction.

I feel Management at the Lima plant must address a few issues before they can look forward and work towards reaching the top. Bellingham, the plant manager, mentioned that he felt communication was a major problem and I couldn’t agree more. Whether it be communicating expectations, explaining how to do the job correctly, or ways to move up in the company, management needs to take it upon themselves to make sure each of the foremen understands all aspects of their job so they can be as successful as possible. Especially since the foremen are telling management how important this communication is to them; they want to have a relationship with management and their workers and the only way this can develop is if they have good lines of communication.

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