Gary Loveman-Harrah’s

Gary Loveman came to Harrah’s with a fresh, new perspective, something Harrah’s desperately needed, and was lucky to find in Loveman. He wasn’t the typical candidate Harrah’s was expecting, but he came in and made extreme, necessary changes, that can be accredited with much of Harrah’s success and turn-around. He immediately made employee changes; whether it meant bringing in entirely different workers, or assigning them different job on property, which allowed everyone to start fresh and build on their strengths.

Loveman not only made important changes with the employees, he also looked closely at their computer analysis system and made changes to better track their customers and re-evaluate their marketing theories. They differentiated themselves from their competition by playing to the needs and desires of their guests, and were able to build off this system to increase their guest flow. He held his employees accountable and instilled in them a commitment to customer service and the confidence to be a winner. Much of Loveman’s and Harrah’s success can be attributed to the cultural changes he made as he came into a power position in the company. He made employees believe, made customers happy, and formed an atmosphere that everyone was attracted to.

Although he started off strong and seems to have turned things around for Harrah’s, his work is nowhere near complete. There will still be many issues he will need to overcome to keep Harrah’s competitive and to keep attracting guests, but it he continues to push his employees and convince them that his way will work, I truly believe he will be able to take Harrah’s to the next level. I think he needs to continue to have his main focus be his guests, and should work to figure out what incentives they want and then do what he can to provide them. The casino industry has definitely taken a hit in these economic times, but people want to feel appreciated. If they are going to spend money on a fun night out gambling, then they need to have the best experience possible; this is the only way they will continue to play at a particular property.

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