Diamonds in the Data Mine

Phil Satre, CEO and company chairman for Harrah’s Entertainment Las Vegas, feels that knowing their customers is much more important than the glitz and glamour found all along The Strip. Harrah’s uses a database to get information about their customers and “develop compelling customer incentives.” They prefer to impress their customers more with great service than with lights and sounds everywhere.

Harrah’s uses their “Total Gold” program to track the spending and activities of all of their customers so they can determine what each individual values most, and how they compensate them to increase customer loyalty. They use their database to gather as much information about their customers as possible, analyze the data to develop marketing strategies, identify core customers and their potential worth, determine customer preferences and appeal to their wants, and reward the employees for making customer service a priority. By putting these five approaches into practice Harrah’s makes their customers feel valued and keeps them coming back to play at their properties.

Their database allows them to pull information about what the customers want from their experience at Harrah’s. It allows the property to include the customers in decisions regarding slot machine preferences, food desires, and other aspects that will satisfy the wants and needs of the most important people, the guests. Members of the Total Gold program receive special treatment such as discounts, gaming chips, and access to shorter lines. All of these incentives can be noticed by other guests, who then become attracted to joining the program themselves.

With Harrah’s directing their attention towards customer service and overall satisfaction, they are not only creating loyalty from their customers, but are also attracting new customers. Since they don’t overdo it on the advertising side of business, their best advertisement becomes word of mouth. I think this is the best avenue a company like Harrah’s (one who cannot function with customers); they need to reach out to their customers and make them really feel like they are valued and are irreplaceable.

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