In Depth: Iraq

It’s amazing to me how ‘groupthink’ can affect a group and push them towards decisions that might not be the most well thought-out, most productive decision. In this article it was apparent that members of the CIA made assumptions and conclusions about the data they received, and never once thought about questioning the data or analyzing it from a different point of view. They trusted the information that was given to them, when in reality, in a situation with this level of importance they should definitely have analyzed the data for themselves to make sure it was accurate. Not only should they have reviewed to make sure it was accurate information, but also so they would be able to verify that it was relevant to the situation. Groups suffering from ‘groupthink’ tend to make up their minds without doing their own research and all members become unanimous on a single position, rather than looking at several different options. Members can begin to feel peer pressure, which is one of the reasons why they fail to question ideas and thoughts that arise during discussions.

There were systems in place to prevent ‘groupthink’ from happening, but because these systems weren’t followed, problems associated with ‘groupthink’ still contributed to the problem at hand. In my opinion a different system needs to be implemented to help prevent ‘groupthink’, one that will encourage members to question data and never assume information is credible unless they research it themselves.

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