Evidence-Based Management

If there is so much evidence and research stating what can make an organization successful and what is sure to leave an organization in shambles, then why don’t all managers follow these guidelines so they too can be successful? If managing a company was this easy, every organization would be successful because management wouldn’t need to put any thought into their everyday activities and decision-making; with everything mapped out for them by previous studies and research they would have automatic success.

So what are the reasons why managers make decisions that don’t follow what the evidence tells them? The article discussed numerous reasons; I found the following to be the most interesting and prevalent among management I have observed: Managers trust their own experience more than research; Managers make decisions that capitalize most on their strengths; Managers make decisions based on the newest hype and marketing; Managers are overly influenced by ideology. Many managers have definitely been around awhile and have experienced a whole lot, so sometime they have a tendency to think they know it all, and that they way they have been doing things is the right way without a doubt. Managers also seem to make decisions based on the advantages the decisions will have for their own strengths and how they will look based on the outcomes. I feel like one of the biggest influences on management decisions is marketing. Marketing is all around us and can be very influential because they push their idea very strongly typically continue to push until you agree with them or buy into what they are selling. Sometimes it can be good for managers to look at marketing because it can tell them what the people want, but it should not be the sole factor used to make decisions, just a supplement.

The article also mentioned benchmarking as a great source of evidence, and I agree, but I think you must closely evaluate every aspect of what the benchmark company is doing that got them their results. Because if you only look at one or two of their business strategies and try to copy that, you won’t have the same results because you could be missing a piece of why they became successful. So if managers what to look at another manager to benchmark their actions, they need to analyze everything that might have an impact on the success or failure of the decisions being made.

I really agree with a line from the article stating, “Evidence based management is conducted best not by know-it-alls, but by managers who profoundly appreciate how much they don’t know.” This is so true; those managers who are willing to question their own views and older mindsets are much more likely to succeed because times change, which means the way managers make decisions should change as well. You never know everything, so it’s best to always be open to other opinion and thoughts around you so you can take from them what you want in order to make the best decision possible.

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