Effective new product team leaders

I found this article very informative, and very valuable to those accepting or being placed into leadership roles, as it discussed the role of cross-functional teams in new product development. By reviewing and working on many of the points brought up in the article, people can learn to work together on a team and flourish in the team setting.

Two of the qualities of successful teams that stood out the most to me were teamwork and trust, between both leadership and team members. I think these are two of the most underrated and most overlooked aspects of successful teams, but they are the roots that must be prevalent in order for a team to succeed. If the members of a team can’t trust their leader or each other nothing will get accomplished because everyone will always be wondering whether or not the others are doing what is best for the team, or pursuing personal goals. Trust then leads to teamwork because if people don’t trust that they can depend on the people they are working with then there will never be cohesion with the team members.

I also think it is very important for members to be able to communicate to overcome obstacles and conflicts, and interact with people of diverse backgrounds. If people can’t communicate their problems, or problems they see around them, then work will gridlock and people will soon be overcome by the negativity. They will continue to bottle up their feelings and it will begin to eat away at their insides until one day they can’t hold it in anymore and they will most likely say something they don’t really mean out of anger. It is also so important to be able to interact with and work with people from diverse backgrounds. This helps us to understand why people act the way they do, what might make them respond in a positive or negative manner, and how they work best with others. Many people don’t realize that we are all so different, and we tend to assume everyone works the same and will react the same in similar situations.

By taking into consideration some of the points brought up in the article it can truly help teams become more successful and can teach individuals how to become better team members, which is so important, because a majority of the work we do these days consists of working with a team or at lease interacting with others to get the job done.

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