Specialty Medical Chemicals Case

Carl Burke and Specialty Medical Chemicals is facing several problems, some of which have to do with a decrease in profits and some dealing with his management team and their attitudes and level of commitment to the business. After analyzing the situation Burke decided to hire Laura Wells to interview each manager and take a look at the ways the management team was behaving and any personality issues that may be interfering with the operations of the company. Then from her observations Burke would determine if he needs to hire anyone else, fire any existing workers or just reorganize what he already has.

I think Burke’s decision to take a look at everyone’s behaviors in respect to the standards of the company is a smart decision; it is important for him to make sure everyone is doing what is expected of them and if they aren’t, then something needs to be done. If Burke doesn’t do something, and do it soon, there could potentially be major consequences for the company, because if the management team isn’t on the same page and performing as expected it is nearly impossible to succeed as a company. But although I feel it was the correct move to re-evaluate his management team, I don’t know if Burke went about it the right way. I think by hiring Wells to come in and do the work he may have lost some of the trust of his employees; it may have been better if he had done the interviews himself. Another reason why this would have been a good idea is because in the interviews he could have addressed his concerns right away with the employee, instead of getting the information from someone else. Wells could have perceived their answers differently than Burke would have, which could lead to some mistakes when he later decides who to fire or move to a different position.

I also think that before Burke decides to fire anyone and hire from the outside he should consider training his existing managers, because totally starting over with a new management team might be more expensive and devastating than just trying to work with what he already has and mold them into ideal managers.

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