Chapter 6 Extra Reading

Before reading this article I had formed my own opinions on the successfulness and usefulness of performance reviews, but those opinions have now changed and I think there are some substitutes that could potentially have better outcomes. In some organizations the evaluating managers don’t objectively review the employees which, for obvious reasons, tends to have a negative impact on the employees and the organization’s overall productivity and success. They intimidate employees and make them feel like they have no say in their evaluation process and what they need to improve on. Another aspect of performance reviews that usually upsets employees is the fact that pay isn’t really based on performance; sometimes it depends on who the manager likes the most or who they have a closer friendship with. Another problem with performance reviews is that they are generic; every worker is judged on the same scale, rather than taking individual characteristics and situations into consideration. Sometimes this is good because it can be perceived as fair since everyone is held to the same standards, but in some circumstances it might need to be a little more specific to each individual.

At the company I work for we do a monthly performance review which in my opinion has many benefits, but the way they are conducted needs to be reanalyzed in order to be seen as more successful in the eyes of the employees and for the overall company success. One benefit of a monthly review is that it keeps the employee aware of the level of performance the manager feels they are at, so when it comes time for their yearly appraisal they aren’t shocked by any of the feedback. It allows the manager and the employee to settle and concerns or issues before they become too big of a problem with serious consequences, such as termination. It also allows the employee to set goals each month and get the manager’s feedback on whether or not they accomplished those goals, or how they could have went about reaching them in a more successful manner. One thing I don’t like about performance reviews is that they are definitely subjective, and if the manager doesn’t administer them fairly then they are a waste of everyone’s time and energy, and will only upset the employees. I have also began to see that many of the managers think it is a waste of their time to conduct these reviews, so rather than taking them seriously and really observing the employee, they give every employee the same rating and same comments just to have something to turn in. This serves no purpose; the employees begin to realize what is happening and become aware that their actual performance isn’t even being rated, so motivation and work performance suffer.

This being said, my opinions on performance reviews have changed in the sense that if they are going to be used a company then managers need to be trained on how to use them correctly. They can be a very important tool in helping employees learn and develop; from my experiences they are useful to me when my manager is honest with me and works with me to exceed standards and be the best I can be.

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