Southwest Case Study

Southwest Airlines is known for cheap and simple air fares, excellent customer service, hard working and dedicated staff, and relaxed and fun work environment. When other airlines started to catch on to Southwest’s customer attracting techniques, they became “copy cats” and gave SWA some major competition. Without these advantages people began to question why it would be in their best interest to fly Southwest; the people at Southwest are what keep me coming back. Southwest began implementing different ideas to beat out the competition such as non-stop flights, short-haul flying, quicker transition between flights which led to less time on the ground, and minimizing flight delays. Even still executives continued to search to be the best.

I think Southwest was looking for answers in all the wrong places and the real answer was right in front of them and was actually already in action. They have incredibly devoted and outgoing employees who make the extra effort to interact with customers and make their experience with Southwest one to remember. In my mind this is the best asset a company can have; if they have a staff that is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy customers then the world is the limit and everything will begin to fall into place. So rather than changing business strategies and focusing on external factors, Southwest needs to continue working on the internal aspects and make it a priority to deliver the best service possible.

People who have already flown Southwest know the level of service they can expect each time, now Southwest needs to work on how they can attract new customers since other airlines are using similar practices. By exceeding each guest’s expectations they will continue to get repeat customers, and word of mouth might be the most effective way to get new people in the door. They could implement a referral program to give people an incentive to tell their friends about the excellent time they had at Southwest.

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