Chapter 5 Extra Readings

This week our class was assigned to read three different articles, all of which were very covered very different topics. The first one was titled Two Football Coaches Have a Lot to Teach Screaming Managers, and discussed the coaching techniques of Colt’s coach Tony Dungy and Bear’s coach Lovie Smith. Both coaches are known for their laid-back coaching styles and ways of communicating with their players. They feel there is no need to humiliate their players when they make mistakes, and can still get those most out of them by calmly directing them and treating them with respect. Trends in leaders are moving more towards this type of direction, but there are still those employers who think it is necessary to yell and scream and show the employee who is boss. The article stated, “There’s a difference between having a passionate point and being a belittler, which causes loss of confidence.” I couldn’t agree more, I feel like leaders can get their points across better without yelling because people tend to completely shut down and quit listening when they feel threatened and then they become defensive; once this happens little, if anything will be accomplished. Most of the time it really depends on the tone of voice the leader uses; you can criticize someone without making them feel incompetent or useless.

The second article talked about two different companies; one who saved an employee’s life by implementing a fitness program requiring him to go to the doctor and another who fired an employee because he tested positive for nicotine and the company was moving towards a no smoking policy. There are many questions raised by these 2 situations; like how involved in an employee’s life should an employer be allowed to be and then where does it end? Personally, I feel like when it comes to some of these medical issues an employer has every right to make policies so the employees are in good shape and won’t be costing the company millions in medical insurance. It is difficult for employers to figure out how to persuade employees to take initiative to take better care of themselves without destroying morale or getting into lawsuits, but I think the best way to do it is to lead by example and then reward those employees who are working towards healthier lives. It is a very sensitive subject but I do feel like companies should be able to enforce some type of fitness program that can help to encourage their employees to take care of themselves.

The final article talked about a story involving a medical miscommunication known around the world as “Jesica’s Story”. The young girl was in need of a heart-lung transplant, but received the organs from the wrong blood type and ended up losing her life. There were a few miscommunications before the procedure and no one claims to have known that the two blood types didn’t match. Everyone assumed someone else double checked to make sure everything was set for the operation; it was an honest mistake, but in a situation as serious as this it is so important to communicate effectively with everyone involved. This isn’t to say everything would have gone smoothly had the blood types matched, but it definitely would have given Jesica a better chance. It goes to show how important communication is and how big of an effect it can have. I guess the biggest concept I can take from this story is to never assume anything, confirm it yourself so there are no questions. This is such a sad story, but it is important to learn from it and apply what has been learned to other situations.

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