Chapter 4 Extra Readings

The articles I looked at this week discussed the affects superior employee performance has on customers, and how employers can engage their employees to get the most out of them. I think these are two huge issues that should get much more attention than they already do. It’s amazing how much of an impact great service has on a customer, and most of the time it is the little things that get people to come back. Making a customer feel appreciated and special will usually push them to tell friends about their extraordinary experience, which is the cheapest advertising method possible.

In Captain Denny Flanagan’s case, a pilot for United Airways, he went out of his way to make each passenger feel like it was their first flight and have a pleasurable experience. From addressing them by their first name or giving out 10% off coupons, to making small talk or informing parents with their children who were flying alone would be delayed, he made the extra effort to go above and beyond what was expected of him. Not only did this get passengers to come back, but it got them talking and telling others how great of an experience they had at United. Some passengers were so shocked that they questioned his underlying motives, but the majority of the people he interacted with noticed they he was just going above company standards and doing what he knew was right and what he would expect if he was in their shoes. This is the craziest part; people are so used to subpar service that when they come into contact with someone who delivers superior service they think they are being scammed. I know if I received this type of service even half of the time I would be so shocked I wouldn’t know what to do, but I do know I would definitely return to the place with the best customer service.

The second article I read talked about the importance of engaging employees in order to get the most out of them. If employers show an interest in their employees and allow them to tend to personal needs they will typically get increased production and larger bottom lines. When employees are happier at home they will be able to concentrate more at work and won’t be as stressed out. This topic has become a major concern to employers because they are seeing evidence all around them that shows that it is important to make employees their priority. Many executives don’t understand that without happy employees they won’t have happy customers or highest potential profits. In the past few years executives are starting to realize this more and more, because there has been a strong push in recent years to be at the top of the “best workplace” list. I think this is great that companies are so interested in employee and customer satisfaction; it will make business easier and more rewarding for everyone.

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