Chapter 2 Extra Readings

It is pretty obvious that women now make up a larger percentage of the workforce than they did a few years ago, up about 15% since 2004, and they are becoming more and more comfortable just being themselves rather than putting on a front around fellow co-workers. Women used to wear suits and bow ties and they tried to hide their personal lives when at work, but today women are expressing themselves and are feeling more comfortable sharing their skills and work knowledge. Not only are they putting their skills to work, they are also now using personal tools to get ahead. I feel like this is where women need to be careful though, because certain actions and comments can be perceived inappropriately and can lead to uncomfortable situations. The problem begins when women decide to use their sexually as a tactic to move them forward at work; sometimes these actions are misunderstood and can make for a sexual harassment case, so it is important that women read their male co-workers and act accordingly.

Many people question whether this flirting technique is a triumph or betrayal to feminism and I would argue that although I don’t agree with it, it is still a triumph; it shows just how far women have come in the business world and that when given the opportunity they can be successful business people as well. The way women dress, talk, and perform at work has changed drastically and when male co-workers were surveyed they stated that they like when women act like themselves at work and feel comfortable enough to joke and banter.

One USA Today article stated that the more women flirt, the less likely they are to receive a promotion or a raise. I think that for a short period of time flirting might get a woman ahead at work, but it won’t last long; flirting might help get a foot in the door, but with how competitive the work place is today, it’s up to each individual to become an important asset to the company. If flirting is the only thing someone brings to the company they will quickly be replaced with someone who can contribute in making the company successful.

I also think this technique is used and viewed differently by each generation. It seems like the older generations who have had to work hard to get women to the place we are today feel that this is inappropriate and shouldn’t be used in the workplace. The younger generations feel more comfortable around their male co-workers and seem to think it is ok to do anything to get a foot up in the business world. They also might act this way because they don’t have as much work experience, so they look for other ways to move up and become more successful.

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